Welcome to the Barossa Bird Club Inc.

The Barossa Bird Club aims to encourage the good breeding of our feathered friends, with many members having years of breeding experience who are only too happy to share their knowledge and experiences with new and old members. To encourage fellowship and friendship through a common bond.


May 2018

Meeting at Tanunda - AnnMarie's Mixed Bag of Videos

June 2018

Meeting at Tanunda - Presentation on the Club Trip!

People's Choice Lottery Tickets

Paper tickets will be available through the club from May, but if you wish to support the club and can't get to a meeting, seed collection or event, you can buy tickets online here!


28 Jun 2018
08:00PM - 10:00PM
Monthly Club Meeting

26 Jul 2018
08:00PM - 10:00PM
Monthly Club Meeting

29 Jul 2018
United Birds Seminar